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About Tip Top Tours

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What We Offer


We don't want you lifting a finger, so we'll do all the work for you. Our experienced tour guides will find the venues, take you to the venues and show you hidden sites along the way.

All you have to do is bring an empty belly.


Our goal is to ensure you are full of food and full of knowledge by the end of your tour.

We want you to experience eating something new and learning something new, whether it's about the incredible foods you try, the unique venues you visit or about Melbourne's intriguing history.


Years of research and trialing helped us find the finest quality foods in some of Melbourne’s most unique and interesting venues.

We want to share them with you whilst making it a memorable and fun experience.

Our Story

Tip Top Tours is a new Melbourne walking food tour company that provides food lovers an assorted range of exciting tours to suit their interests. Discover Melbourne and all its hidden treasures with each of our tours offering a new experience from one tour to the next. Each tour will be guided through the streets of Melbourne by dedicated, motivated and educated tour guides that have a wealth of knowledge within the food and drink industry. Each tour will visit a variety of carefully selected venues while offering informative facts and notes on their history while tasting delicious products along the way. To add to your experience, Tip Top Tours will introduce you to new people and Melbourne's trendy hidden alley ways, lane ways and arcades. Whatever your weakness may be, give in to your temptation by booking a Tip Top Tours experience today!

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring people together and provide our guests with an affordable, fulfilling and fun Melbourne food and bar experience.

Our Tip Top Team

Meet our team below!



My love for travel, food and meeting people were what sparked me to co-create Tip Top Tours. After travelling to 30 countries around the world and tasting the finest authentic dishes, I returned to Melbourne eager to find dishes of the same quality. And when I did, I wanted to share it with everyone. What better way to enjoy good food than with good company? That’s what Tip Top Tour’s is all about, bringing people together that share the same passion – food. On that note, I look forward to eating with you in the future!



Growing up in a European family, I was always surrounded by fabulous food. As the years went on, I loved exploring and being different. My desire and passion for hidden gems, delicious food and unique hot spots brought me to where I am today to co-create Tip Top Tours. I love food. I love sharing and I love the fact that the team and I are building an experience for others that will make them feel joyful, amazed and put a smile on their face. Keep an eye out for me on one of the tours… or all four!



Having lived in Melbourne all my life, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by great food, amazing coffee and a diverse culture. Other than discovering new flavours and dishes, my favourite thing about good food is how it brings people together. I love discovering new eating places to try and then sharing it with friends and family.



I love chocolate. I have a chocolate making background with experience spanning over 10 years. I’ve grown up around chocolate and have been involved in production supervising, product line management and new product development of some of Australia’s finest chocolates. In my spare time, I enjoy being around my friends, playing sports, going to the gym, listening to music, Discovering Melbourne and… eating chocolate.



Music, good food and good company are three of my favourite things. Being of Filipino heritage meant a lively household of eating over shared plates, whilst growing up in this city has provided me with constant exposure to vast and varying cuisines. The combination of these two variables has cultivated an immense pleasure and open mind when it comes to the dining experience. I find the enjoyment of said dining experiences to be heightened when it involves more than just the senses of smell, taste and sight; to include the sense of touch (not that I’ll be touching your food anytime soon!)